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Class of the Day: Amigurumi

Come on and sign up to learn how to crochet crazy cute tiny animals! You know you want to! (Click here to learn more and/or to register.)image037 Here’ s note from our instructor (and vendor!) Courtney King at @Kisses or Stitches!

Before I learned how to make animals crochet was completely different. I would sit and make chains or scarves which would take ages and I wouldn’t be satisfied with.

When I learned how to make amigurumi everything changed. Suddenly crochet was no longer frustrating, I could create small creatures! I went from being a scarf maker to a mad scientist!

Out of all the animals in the world my favorite is the octopus. When I started to make crochet a daily part of my life I began to see patterns and I wrote up the instructions for how to make my favorite creature. In our class, I will teach you how I got to be excited about crochet and what made me so obsessed with it.

You will learn how to creature small stuffed creatures through the Japanese technique of amigurumi.

I will even show you were you can buy your own supplies and where to further your plushie making knowledge.

Good luck, and keep stitchin’ Hope to see you soon, Courtney King