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Guest Blog from Instructor Pearl Denault, Loom Knitting

We’re so happy to have Pearl Denault of Pearlicious Creations as an instructor this year. Read on to learn how/why she loves loom knitting!

Oh the joys of loom knitting!!

I started loom knitting after becoming discouraged at trying to knit the old fashioned way. After hours of trying to hold two plastic needles and loop and twirl yarn around only to end up with a tangled mess, I jumped onto Youtube and began searching for “easy ways to knit” when I saw a picture of a loom, I wondered at the ease of the method, and sure enough, the twelve year old hosting the video assured me there was no simpler way to knit.

I drove to the craft store later that day and bought my first loom, and by the end of the evening I’d managed to teach myself to loom knit, and had already begun my first project, a super fluffy scarf. Over time, I’ve learned that projects on the loom are the simplest to travel with – unraveling is definitely less of a problem for someone as clumsy as I am – and I can easily create beautiful and balanced items in record time, and with less aches in my hands and head than when I knit or crochet the old fashioned way! J

I have spent many therapeutic hours with my looms, from a 5 minute get away while at the office, to an entire Sunday spent lazily knitting my cares away, I can’t find the words to express the joy and peace this pastime has provided me with, and each time I teach someone else how to loom knit, whether it be a child or an adult, I am thrilled at being able to share this creative outlet with someone else, and I can’t wait to see their creations and projects unfold for them, from hats to socks, the possibilities are endless! I hope you’ll join me for my class this year at Yarnosphere, and I can’t wait to share this piece of my world with you!

Below, Pearl Denault, left; creations made by Pearl, at right.

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