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Guest Blog: Instructor Janice Ogata, Hyperbolic Crochet and Crocheted Journal

Guest Blog, JANICE OGATA:  Classes, Hyperbolic Crochet and Crocheted Journal

Janice Ogata is an award winning knitter and crocheter, who has been active in the Fiber Arts world since 2004.  She is a professional blogger for Red Heart Yarns, and the founder of The Pasadena Crochet Meet Up.  She is a recent member of The Crochet Guild of America, and belongs to all these knitting and crochet groups:  “Yarn Bombing Los Angeles”, “Burbank Fiber Fiends”, “Knerdy Knitters”, and, “Yarnville.”  She also enjoys making things for various charities, “Knots of Love”, “Project Linus” and local churches in Pasadena.

Janice is offering two classes at Yarnosphere this year.  This blog will concentrate on Hyperbolic Crochet.

What Janice hopes you will take away from her classes is the ability to be creative without boundaries. Janice really likes to experiment with different colors and textures of yarn, and the majority of the time doesn’t use a pattern.  In the past Janice has crocheted with yarn, plastic grocery bags, VHS tapes, wire, and ribbon (see photos at the end).

In 2011, Janice and her group, The Pasadena Crochet Meet Up were asked to contribute to the Hyperbolic Crocheted Coral Reef.  Margaret Wertheim from the Institute for Figuring contacted Janice and wanted to know if her group would be willing to crochet items for the traveling exhibit.  The reef has been all over the world, and has had major showings in London, Germany, Dublin, NY, Chicago, Los Angeles, and at the Smithsonian National Museum in Washington, D.C.

One might wonder WHY? Why would people want to crochet coral?  What is the purpose? One of the reasons is to raise awareness that coral reefs all over the world are being devastated by global warming.  At the current rate, there is a possibility that coral reefs could cease to exist in approximately 100 years. This is your chance to learn how to make hyperbolic shapes and participate the next time the crocheted coral reef comes to town.

See photos below: Photo 1: Janice Ogata at the Exhibit. The Pasadena Crochet Meet Up was asked to mainly crochet with plastic bags and audio and VHS tapes for this exhibit. Photo 2: This photo depicts some of the coral made from yarn. Photo 3 depicts crocheted VHS tapes (which is supposed to represent an oil slick). Photo 4: The group was asked to crochet with plastic for this exhibit. The last photo depicts various yarn pieces BEFORE they have been inserted into the displays.

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