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Guest Blog from Instructor Jessica Braun!

Guest Blog: Jessica Braun

Hello knitting friends! I am excited to bring you my classes being offered at Yarnosphere 2014 on Saturday October 4.

Here’s what you can look forward to:


Basic Cabeling

Cabling for Beginners (click here for full details and registration)

Have you stayed away from cabling because it looks so fancy and formal? Have you tried cabling only to frog your project over and over again because your stitch count is off every single row?

Let me show you how simple and rewarding cabling can be by knitting the Cabled Bow Tie Scarf.  Join me in this two-hour class in which I will walk you through the mechanics of beginning cabling, and leave you well on your way toward the creation of a trendy new scarf!



Knitting With Beads

Knit with Beads (click here for full details and registration)

Thinking that you need a little extra sparkle in your life, but the idea of stringing hundreds of beads onto yarn make you cringe?

Let me show you another way!  In this two hour class you will learn just how quick and easy adding beads to a knitted garment can be, adding them one at a time using a crochet hook!

Combine this simple beading method with the beautiful, lace weight, cotton yarn by Toluca Knit Jewelry, and you have the stunning Checkerboard Cowl!

The Checkerboard Cowl combines simple knits and purls with eyelet lace, and beading, resulting in a lightweight, elegant accessory.


Continental Knit and Purl (click here for full details and registration)

Change is hard for everyone!  Have you heard that Continental knitting is faster than the traditional English, or throw method?  Maybe you crochet, and have thought about knitting, but haven’t made the leap yet?  Perhaps you throw, and want to expand your knitting repertoire? Still not convinced? Come and see for yourself!

Link to FB –

In this one hour class, learn the basics of picking, and improve the speed, agility and confidence in your knitting.



Two Handed Two Color Knitting

Two Handed Two Color Knitting (click here for full details and registration)

Are your floats too tight? Do your double points slide out of your work? Feel all-thumbs when you try to work in the round? Did you decide against making some fair isle mittens you’d really love, because you’re afraid onesad, half-of-a-mitten will mock you forever from the UFO pile?

Not me … because, I was once just like you!

Now I can and will show you some weird tricks that make two-handed stranding projects quick, easy and creatively satisfying! Just two hours can transform you into a two-handed color knitting champion.