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Guest Post from Vendor Linda Galvadon, Little Piggy Patterns

We’re so excited to welcome Little Piggy Patterns to Yarnosphere this year! Read on for a note from Linda (and I must say, I love the “‘Sphere” reference at the end!):LittlePiggy

“Little Piggy Patterns” is excited to participate in this second Yarnosphere.  What a great chance for us to meet customers face to face, to hear comments on existing designs, and to get inspiration for new designs.  Oh yeah, and make some sales along the way.

To paraphrase an old say: A sample is worth a 1000 words.  So we will have samples of the most of the patterns in our catalog so you can see what you are getting.  Come check out the over 50 different knitting patterns for baby blankets, bibs, and washcloths, with designs range from animal themes, to tractors & trucks, to flowers & lace.  There is something for everyone.

jacks_giraffes (Small) (2)

 Little Piggy has also started a line of wine cozys patterns.  These are quick and easy additions to any gift bottle of wine or for decorative purposes in your own home.  We’ve kitted up some of these patterns with the brilliant colored Sassy Skeins yarn for sale at the show.

 Grapes Wine Cozy

 Looking forward to seeing you at the ‘Sphere!