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Ah, one of the great joys of Southern California is NOT parking!

We’ve tried very hard to offer Yarnosphere in a venue with reasonable and affordable parking.

At this year’s Yarnosphere, the venue is on a lovely long street with lots of parking. And a block on either side has residential parking that’s long as well.

The city of Long Beach has graciously allowed us to ignore the two hour parking signs in one area. Please note that it is along Atlantic on the WEST SIDE from San Antonio south to Burlinghall only.

EXPO Arts Center at Bixby Knolls (Long Beach, CA)
4321 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90807    Google Map Link

We’ll also have a valet out front for $6. Valet is NOT required.

And no, valet parking does not support Yarnosphere in any way. It’ just there for you if you need it.

We appreciate your patience and patronage and oh, it’s going to be hot this weekend! Leave the wools at home and bring out the cotton! 🙂

Thank you!

Team Yarnosphere